Dependency and Nigeria’s Foreign Relations

Ujah Mathew Onoja
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Dependency is a syndrome that has replicated its ugly head in endless continuum in every sphere of the societal life of Nigeria and other third world countries as this has achieved nothing more than creating an economy whose position and relation with other economics in the international system has made it incapable of auto-centric development, an economy that is structurally dependent on foreign powers, an economy that has its forward linkages with those of foreign powers, an economy that lacks regional and sectorial complementarily and reciprocity etc. this paper hold’s therefore that for any meaning progress to be made in terms of autonomy both in foreign and domestic policies every form of dependency  should be countered as dependency is a major bane to development and autonomy in every society. Thus, this paper in as much as it holds the incorporation of third world countries into international capitalism, (colonialism & imperialism) as the root cause of dependency, it suggests less reliance on foreign ideas and finance capital, democratic and transparent implementation of economic policies, less reliance on imported goods, good governance amongst others as sine quanon to Nigeria’s emancipation from the bondage of dependency.

Keywords: Dependency, Development and Foreign Relations.

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