Rethinking The Taproot Of The Security Challenges In Africa: Bringing Back The Colonial Legacy

Ahmed Badawi Mustapha
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This paper offers a counter-narrative to the constricted Western narratives that often discount
how colonial domination, exploitation, and external interference have shaped Africa’s past and
present, especially in the area of security. It focuses on the numerous security challenges in Africa
and its complex historical nexus to the colonial legacy. The piece draws from the variegated
dominant arguments and counterarguments on African (in)security issues, colonial rule, and the
theoretical security models and concepts. The paper demonstrates, through an exploration of the
formation of postcolonial states, that colonialism cannot be excused as some distant root cause
of the security problem on the continent, but has deliberately crafted some specific subjects,
societies and states that serve to perpetuate the challenges in the security complex of Africa.
Keywords: security, colonial legacy, nation-state, Africa

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